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What is C2 trophy? How history formed

Wed, 06/07/2022 - 22:50

If you are a recent football player, so don't know what is C2 trophy ? What is the history of this football tournament? As well as the format of the competition, do not ignore this article. Because we will give you the most complete and detailed answer.

What is C2 trophy?

C2 Cup aka Europa League. This is a club level tournament organized by the European Football Federation every year. This tournament brings together the top football clubs in Europe and has high rankings in the national championship. However, he was unable to participate in the Champions League.


Currently Cup C2 is ranked one level lower than Cup C1. Therefore, clubs that cannot participate in the C1 Cup must play in the C2 Cup. However, it is not because of that that the C2 Cup has low quality, but on the contrary, the quality of this tournament is quite high. The proof is the number of fans interested quite a lot, especially in the matches in the inner round.

How is the history of the C2 Cup?

To help you understand better what is C2 trophy army? We will introduce the history of this football tournament. Cup C2 was established from the idea of ​​3 people, that is Ottorino Barrasi (Italian), Ernst Thornmen (Swiss), Sir Stanlay Rous (British). The first season was extended up to 3 years, from 1955 - 1958. From the 1971  - 1972 season, this tournament was officially renamed the UEFA Cup.

Starting from the 1999 – 2000 season, the C2 and C3 Cups were officially merged together, but kept the UEFA Cup name. Most recently, the 2009-2010 season, this tournament increased the number of participating teams to 48. As well as the decision to change its name to the UEFA Europa League.

C2 Cup Competition Format

Apart from telling you  what is C2 trophy apex? We will also introduce the format of this football tournament. Each country in the European football federation will have 3 teams participating, especially the countries in position 52 to 54 will have 2 teams and 55 will have 1 team.

The teams from the top leagues will advance to the next round. The weaker teams will have to play in the qualifying round. So the format of Cup C2 competition includes:

  • Qualifier
  • Group round
  • Round of 32
  • Round of 16
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinals
  • Final


In the group stage, the teams will play in a 2-match format, ie each team will meet 2 times at home and away. Then select the first 2 teams from each group to participate in the next round. The next rounds will be played in a knockout format. Therefore, the winning team will continue to the next round and the losing team will be eliminated.

Can the team that won the C2 Cup participate in the C1 Cup next season?

For what is C2 trophy army in detail. We will also answer questions that are asked by many people. That is, the team that won the C2 Cup will be able to participate in the C1 Cup next year or not? Then the answer is yes. Because from the 2015-2016 season, UEFA has decided that the teams that win the C2 Cup will have a ticket to attend the C1 Cup next season.

In particular, currently UEFA only allows each country to have a maximum of 5 teams participating in the Champion League. So if both the champion team of C1 and C2 belong to the same country, but both are not ranked in the top 4. At this time, the team ranked in 4th place will be pushed down to play in the C2 Cup next season. .

Where is the best place to watch the C2 Cup live?

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Through the above article, we have told you what is C2 trophy? In addition, it also introduces the history and format of this football tournament. In particular, you also know Ole Sport TV, which you should access immediately. To be able to find and watch any match in the C2 Cup in high quality.

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