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Copa America is held once every few years? Which teams are included?

Wed, 06/07/2022 - 23:02

Watch football a lot, but you probably still don't know it Copa America is held once every few years back? If that's the case, then don't skip this article. By Olesport TV Live Soccer will give you the most accurate and complete answer. As well as letting you know more about the teams participating in this soccer tournament.

Copa America is held once every few years?

Copa America is one of the oldest football leagues in the world. When it was first held in 1916 in Argentina with 4 teams participating. After many events that brought this tournament to a halt, now the Copa America has been held in cycles. Just like the World Cup or Euro, the Copa America football tournament is held every 4 years and in even years.

However, in recent years, the South American Football Confederation has changed the schedule of Copa America. Accordingly, this tournament will be held 2 times in a row in 2 years, including 1 time coinciding with the Euro. For football fans to be able to watch more interesting matches.


In addition to the comments in favor of the South American Football Association's schedule change, there are also many criticisms. Because many people think that if the organization is so intertwined, the attractiveness of the tournament will no longer be. When people would be bored watching Copa America matches in a row.

Football teams participating in Copa America

In addition to letting you know Copa America is held once every few years ago ? Olesport.TV also introduces the teams participating in this tournament. Because Copa America is very diverse with participating teams. Specifically, Copa America will have 10 teams in the South American region. In addition, it also invited 6 more teams from other regions, such as Asia, North Central America.

In 2016 alone,  when celebrating the 100th anniversary of Copa America, a total of 20 teams participated in the competition. In which:

  • South America consists of 10 teams: Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.
  • Asia consists of 3 teams: Japan, Qatar, Australia
  • North Central America and Caribbean region consists of 6 teams: USA, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica.


List of teams that have won Copa America

Copa America is a fairly old football tournament and has many big teams participating. Therefore, the number of championship teams is also quite large. According to the list of teams that have won the Copa America the most times:

  • Uruguay and Argentina with 15 championships
  • Brazil with 9 championships
  • Peru, Chile and Paraguay with 2 championships
  • Bolivia and Colombia have 1 championship.

So when you finish reading the above article, you probably already know Copa America is held once every few years back? As well as the teams participating and winning this football tournament in the most detail. Hopefully, when you finish reading the article, you can find the information you need.

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